In the tumultuous last election, we have experienced the most divisive ever seen in America. But to find equilibrium I want to bring forth the time honored benefits of racial and ethnic diversity we have here and to which we must dearly hold on to.

This has never been a subject in its underlying and sub conscious existence that we can comfortably talk or write about; because, on the one hand it is threatening, but on the other hand it is valuable as a unifying social attribute. This is the ‘conservative’ vs. ‘liberal’ conflict, on going, in America.

There is, unmistakably, the frequent pairing of love ones, who are by nature searching for a partner, to seek out a ‘black’, (or brown) mate to compliment their ‘whiteness’ and a comparable seeking out a ‘white’ partner to compliment their ‘black’ and ‘brownness’.
These desires are not spoken about openly because they are sub-rosa – they need to be held secretly. But when these desires materialize they are more than often accepted within their extended family and friends.

Diversity, of course, has other power laden aspects, such as with ethnicity; which may not be as charged as racial skin color and racial derivation in America. I’m referring to ‘European’ ethnicity vs. ‘Hispanic’ and to a lesser degree of intensity, ‘European vs. ‘Asian’. In addition there is the matter of ‘class’, which in America is not so evident as a social impediment, as say it was in Europe or South America, I suppose because here class is based in wealth or income, which in America is thought be overcome by our practice of ‘free enterprise’ and our abundance of resources; that is until very recently.
I’m referring to the disruptive Presidential election of Mr. Trump.

Possibility of Change in the Human Genome:

What follows here is founded in both science and common anthropologic knowledge. It is given here in this writing with needed humility as it cannot be fully treated in a few sentences. In America, the prime example of this phenomenon is the arrival of ‘black’ Africans to predominantly ‘white’ Europeans who came to America prior to Africans. But keep in mind they, the Europeans were greeted by the native Americans when they arrived.

While it is true these ‘whites’ had the power of their social structure and their technology to willfully force this ‘immigration’ of ‘blacks’ to America, there would follow, a tremendous cultural innovation from the ‘blacks’ that would be experienced, primarily in America, but also, in time, world wide – it is without question – Jazz. This music spread from South to North, following the movement of black Americans in America.

The American Diversity in Music and Athletic Ability:

This music developed in many forms, from so called Dixieland, Blues, Ragtime, to Swing, Be-bop, Fusion, Modern Jazz, but all of them were carried forth to the present, mainly by African American musicians. Although Jazz comes as an integration of the tone sequences

(scales) of Classic European music it is unique due to its rhythm and beat. The Jazz downbeat proved to be difficult for white (European) Americans to master; or for many, to even perform. My theory about this is that the ‘downbeat’ of Jazz is instinctually performed, whereas the white Europeans need to ‘think’ it prior to its execution – thus negating the attempted ‘downbeat’; even as it has an abiding and continuing appeal to everyone’s senses. Jazz had an enthusiastic appearance in such places as Paris, in the so called ‘Hot Clubs‘ and is performed today throughout Europe.

Virtually everyone knows the stellar performance of African American athletes. Acceptance was slow in coming but when it came Black achievements were recognized without exception: Kareem Abdul Jabar, Willie Mays, Jesse Owens. They were ‘the best’ at home and abroad and they were our Americans.

My proposition here that we humans have a common origin, as best we know – in Africa. Proof of this is that we share sufficient DNA to allow reproduction without any discernible detrimental flaws. On the contrary, interracial reproduction appears to allow for physical and psychological outcomes in the direction of improved attributes. To my knowledge, this has not been scientifically proven, but neither has science proved negative outcomes. So it remains for us to make these sensible conclusions as told here.

Nor do I want to imply this is entirely a European vs. African disposition. There are native American Olympian athlete: Jim Thorpe, called ‘the greatest athlete of all time; also Billy Mills Tom Longboat, Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Louis Tewanima and others.

Diversity in America has reached into the Presidency and the White House with the eight year term of President Obama. But that diversity needs be seen with the President Elect Trump as a reversal in the form of oppositional religious identity. The current President Elect has proposed discrimination toward and possible exclusion of Americans and prospective immigrants of Islamist faith and ethnicity. This sentiment may not prevail; but it will result in our having to reaffirm principles of the founding of our Democracy two hundred years ago. Even with reaffirmation, there will be a residue of religious bias and discrimination against individual islamists, as we have experienced toward blacks.

Attenuation of bias and discrimination is needed to maintain freedom in America.