A Philosophic View of the Questionable, Incredible Polling of the Recent Presidential Election

From reading the philosopher Immanuel Kant it appears he holds mathematics to be more accessible than philosophy, it being more difficult and involved. But philosophy is more complete in that Kant ascribes validity to philsophy's inclusion of: "the concept of representation, the concept of being next to or after one another; other concepts can be only partially analysed at all, as the concept of space, time, of various feelings of the human soul, of the feeling of the sublime, of the beautiful, of the disgusting, etc." (Kant Selected Pre-critical Writings, Kerferd and Walford, Manchester University Press, 1968) These philosophical ideas are not subject to statistical analysis; which brings to mind the words of a good friend, a Planning Director of a public agency serving two million people. He said there are lies, damn lies and statistics, the point of this being that statistics are typically mathematically given in numbers, and [...]