Racial and Ethnic Diversity in America

In the tumultuous last election, we have experienced the most divisive ever seen in America. But to find equilibrium I want to bring forth the time honored benefits of racial and ethnic diversity we have here and to which we must dearly hold on to. This has never been a subject in its underlying and sub conscious existence that we can comfortably talk or write about; because, on the one hand it is threatening, but on the other hand it is valuable as a unifying social attribute. This is the ‘conservative’ vs. ‘liberal’ conflict, on going, in America. There is, unmistakably, the frequent pairing of love ones, who are by nature searching for a partner, to seek out a ‘black’, (or brown) mate to compliment their ‘whiteness’ and a comparable seeking out a ‘white’ partner to compliment their ‘black’ and ‘brownness’. These desires are not spoken about openly because they [...]