More About Homo Sapiens Coming to Europe 50,000 Years Ago

When humans (homo sapiens) came to central Europe some 54,000 years ago, they encountered other humans: Cro-Magnons. It was thought by some that these “other humans” were killed off by the newly arrived Homo Sapiens, but through DNA evidence it is now thought they simply coupled with one another and were absorbed. Further study shows they had a larger brain cavity than Homo-Sapiens. The physical statures were somewhat different, with Cro-Magnons shorter but more muscular than Homo-Sapiens.

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Math Testing

In the local paper I read a letter from a young woman, named Marisa, expressing her “feeling stupid in school” and her propensity to not do well in mathematics. I am an architect, now retired having had a successful practice of many years in the design and building of hospitals throughout California. As you may well know, this required a lot of technical skill and engineering knowledge. In high school some 70 years ago, I was tested and did not score well in mathematics. In order to gain entrance to college, I had to take a makeup course in calculus. With the help of friends, I managed to get through the course, but to this day I cannot recall a single useful principle of my calculus class.  To be sure, I have been able to apply some basic principles of algebra in my work. Like all of us I use [...]

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