My Transcendental Aesthetic Experience of the Golden Mean Geometry

As a young man with a desire to be an architect I enrolled in Mies Van Der Rohe’s School of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. He had designed the entire campus in his severe Modern style. In my beginning class I was to draw straight line with a lead pencil. The second semester we would advance to drawing brick masonry patterns. Mies examined my work and gave his approval. However, I was dissatisfied with this training as a knew I already had these elementary skills. Late one night a classmate told me about the School of Design on the North side of Chicago. The next day I enrolled there. Most of the faculty were Europeans who taught at the German Bauhaus, who had come to America to escape the Nazis. I entered their Foundation Course which was patterned after the Bauhaus method. I was a young [...]

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My Discovery of Geometry as a Child

I was fascinated with geometry at age ten. Living on a farm in Midwest America, I attended a one room schoolhouse where the library consisted of a metal cabinet next to my desk. I could reach over and pull out a book of Euclidean geometry, which I often did. I intuitively understood, that my sense perceptions of geometry preceded and were more important than the written analysis of Euclid. I think of them, or as Euclid termed them the Propositions as being apperceptions of the geometric figures. I’m now in my eighties and the place of ‘perceptions’, that is to say ‘sense perceptions’ preceding the text is ever more correct in all matters of mathematics. In my book, Geometric Wholeness of the Self, I describe this philosophically. Not far from our farm in the Midwest, was the Farnsworth House. This famous house was designed by the world famous architect, Mies [...]

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